Ultimate luxury Penthouse in a modern Architecture building in Shenkin area

Shenkin Rothschild Area
23000000 NIS

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Shenkin Rothschild luxury properties on sale

In a quiet street, steps from  Shenkin Rothschild boulevard,   the most in-demand location for luxury houses, we offer this one-time occasion of a stunning property of

one level, four directions, 190 sqm built inside + 114  outdoor terraces + swimming pool on the sunroof
4 bedrooms, 2/5 bathrooms

It is one of the most interesting apartments in town on sale by now.

,  High modern Architecture  style landmark building with  elevator  and  parking garage
The property is one of a kind !!! on building ready in 30 months

Shenkin Rothschild luxury properties on sale,
4 air directions, elevator,  storage, and parking.
Price: 23,000,000 ILS
Brokerage fee 2% + Vat

Giordana  Di Castro Telavivforsale   Real Estate for luxury loversRothschild 45   Tel Aviv

Tel. 03-5609616 fax – 03-5255635

Mob : +972 (0)52- 2298111


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