Prestigious dream Property for sale in Ramat Aviv ! new exclusivity

Ramat Aviv Ghimel , Tel Aviv North

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Luxurious apartment with panoramic view to the sea originally was two apartments! 
this property at the high level has large living spaces, (unusually from Israel apartments style) very spacious bedrooms, huge and luxurious master suite. The apartment has 2 balconies, 2 parking spaces, and 2 warehouses.

If you like to live in the large spacious house, if you like to feel at home surrounded by a scent of international taste, THIS IS THE PROPERTY FOR YOU! 
270 sqm of joy in this very one-time apartment.
Price requested: POA
Price requested: POA 
Giordana Sarah Di Castro
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“כסף וזהב חסד ואמת אלוף”

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