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Tel Aviv, named by Unesco as the white city, is one of the most colorful, vibrant centers of culture, art, finance, and entertainment.

At the heart of the city is Rothschild Boulevard, which is an energetic hub of an eclectic mix of museums, restaurants, trendy cafes and pubs, never-ending

nightlife, local markets, historical buildings and sights as well as intriguing colorful locals unlike anywhere in the world.

A perfect backdrop to a unique architectural masterpiece -such as Meier on Rothschild luxury tower. Richard Meier’s designs are personifications of neatness and pureness, featuring impressive floor to ceiling glass windows that allow natural sunlight to fill the room and provide magnificent panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Judean Hills. These Tel Aviv luxury apartments provide residents with lavish design and are equipped with the latest cutting-edge design and quality.
The following are details of the apartment for sale :

on a higher floor we offer on sale  Two connected apartments, that realize one of the most stunning apartments in the entire city.
290 net sqm + 24 square meters balconies with stunning view of the city /

Large warehouse measuring 40 square meters, 4 parking spaces.
Very pleasant, lots of accessories, a delicate elegant style, very bright and very quiet.
2 wine cellars, an equipped spa with a pool, and a gym.
big panoramic living room.
Price on request
brokerage fee 2% + Vat
Telavivforsale Luxury Apartments in Tel Aviv by Giordana Di Castro
Rothscild 45  Tel Aviv
Tel. +972-3-5609616 fax – 153-3-5255635
Mob : +972-52- 2298111
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Giordana Di Castro
Telavivforsale  The ultimate Real Estate for luxury lovers
Rothschild 45,

Mindspace 2nd floor
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