In a New Boutique project, high standard Penthouse for sale

Off Habima square , Tel Aviv
10700000 NIS

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In a New Boutique project, high standard Penthouse (Tel Aviv)

In a New Boutique project,  we offer a very high standard Penthouse

one level, four directions,

145 sqm built inside + 134  outdoor terrace

4 bedrooms, 2 .5 bathrooms, with personalized planning options.

One of the most interesting properties in Tel Aviv now !!!   This building is a part of the modern, concept renovation in the location more trendy in town including malls, entertaining centers, Train connection to north and south and the elegance offered in the famous Rothschild Habima neighborhood crossing the new urban development in town.

Full banking guaranteed

high-end accurate

Best location in town near Rothschild, Habima and Sarona complex

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“כסף וזהב חסד ואמת אלוף”



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