Balfour street Tel Aviv
4600000 NIS

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for sale in the exclusive complex of Rova Lev Hair .

we offer this beautiful apartment of 2 bedrooms  2 bathrooms open living room with chef kitchen an additional dressing room.   with parking and storage room

Rova Lev Hair is a luxury real estate venture established in Tel Aviv in the early 2000s and includes 168 residential apartments, and is located between the streets Maze and Balfour, near Shenkin and Rothchild. The project was designed by architect Ada Karmi -, on the ground which was between 1925 – 1992 Home Hadassah Hospital. The complex covers an area of 10 acres, and includes several buildings: “Building Balfour” – residential building 7 storey building shaped like a “M” around a central “tower fan” – residential tower middle rises 26 floors, “Twin House” – Preserved historic building in the eclectic style from the 20s, and a small office building Mazeh street front. Project invested more than $ 100 million and it was completed in 2005. The construction of the complex around a central paved link between his sons, a sort of urban plaza, designed to characterize the urban district itself, a fact reflected also as the selected project. However, H”rova “does not include retail space and businesses except a restaurant and a bookstore cafe combined. Residential apartment complex are of 3-5 rooms, areas ranging from 114 to 400 square meters, some garden apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. Apartments and public areas designed especially rich specifications, designed to compete with residential towers in North Tel Aviv, facing an affluent population. Compound gym and spa, swimming pool, underground parking – garage with four parking levels, and a central wine cellar designed as a cave carved into the rock and makes available to private tenants wines storage cells. , An appreciable number of residents to live there permanently. Price requested for this apartment 4.600.000


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